I hear and see all the time people complaining about INFLATION, like it is “somebody’s” fault. It is not the fault of one or a few individuals, president or not. Take the price of lumber for example. For decades Americans have been using and wasting wood. Just go by a new subdivision somethime and look in a dumpster and see all the wood thrown in that could be used elsewhere. This can be said about everything we consume. Wood is especially more scarce because of decades of demand beyond supply. It’s called, UNSUSTAINABLE. Since we have decimated our wood supply in the U.S. (1800’s through today), we have to depend more and more on Canadian wood. That reminds me. For years many so-called experts have been saying we have more trees than ever. That is true. However, many of them are doghair stands (very thick forests) that burn easily and are of poor quality. Just take the Western U.S. as an example. That is why we constantly have wildfire danger and why we have to spend $billions fighting fires and clearing thick underbrush and thick forests. Since we have done a good job of decimating our quality old growth forests since the 1800’s, we have to rely on “Canada” for most of our quality wood. That has changed in a big way. Not only has politics dictated how we manage our forests, so has Mother Nature…“how a tiny insect changed B.C.’s forestry future”. One of the ways U.S. politics gets in the way, is by applying “tariffs” to the sale of wood coming from Canada. To me that is just a way of making excuses for our “poor management” of our own resource. “What goes around comes around.”