About Jim McGannon

For the past 35+ years, I’ve had extensive experience in woodland forestry, landscape management, urban forestry, and natural resource management. As a career municipal employee, I also have extensive experience in parks/recreation and trails management. I am also very involved in sportsmen and conservation organizations.

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Education & Certifications
  • M.S. (specialized in GIS), University of Colorado
  • B.S., Forestry, University of Minnesota
  • Certified Arborist wtih the International Society of Arboriculture
  • Certified Technical Service Provider (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
  • Certified Tree Farm Inspector
  • Certified member of Association of Consulting Foresters
  • Graduate, Leadership Pikes Peak
  • Graduate, Citizens Adacemy, 18th Judicial District, Colorado
Relevant Experience
  • Forestry and Natural Resource Management
  • Extensive experience with open space management (i.e. City Parks Trails, Open Space and Parks programs)
  • Coordinated major community events
  • Secured grants with State and Federal programs
  • Experience with Federal, State, County, local agencies
  • Extensive public contact with effective resolution of sensitive and controversial decisions
  • Organized national, regional, and local workshops and conferences
  • Technical Advisory Committee, Fountain Creek Watershed District
  • Community Sustainability Projects in Colorado Springs Area
  • Active in professional organizations
  • Appeared in courts of law to support my work
Communication Skills
  • Speaker at national, regional, and local conferences
  • Public presentations (Boards, City Council, committees, task forces, more)
  • Extensive contact with the print and other news media
  • Extensive experience in preparing technical reports and legal documents (i.e. agreements government/property owners)
  • Extensive experience with computer applications, (i.e. Word, Excel, databases, GIS, powerpoint, mapping, more)
Employment Experience
  • Division Manager, City Forester/Aborist City of Colorado Springs, Co. 1981-2008
  • Arborist/Forester, City of Bismarck, North Dakota 1979-1981
  • Private forestry/landscape and natural resource consultant, Colorado 1984-present
  • Leadership roles in professional organizations
Community Involvement, Past and Present
  • Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout and scout leader lifelong
  • Leadership Pikes Peak Graduate, 2005
  • Volunteer: Glen Eyrie (Navigators), National Space Symposium, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Board member Of Living History Assoc.
  • Board member of local/national Sportsmen Organizations
  • President of a Colorado homeowner association
  • Board member, various homeowner associations
  • Board member, Pinery Water & Sanitation
  • Board member, Living History Association Colorado Springs